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Unique games, with heart


We are Delve Interactive

We make unique games with heart and we pride ourselves on respect for our players with a focus on providing memorable experiences. You can read more about this in our code of honour.

Based in the UK, we first came onto the scene with the Puzzle platformer PONCHO. You can the story of this game here.

Our 2nd game CHANGE: a Homeless Survival Experience, released to critical acclaim and a load of award nominations.

Our 3rd game is way too ambitious and we can't tell you about it yet.

The team:

Danny Hayes: Code & Design

Jack Odell: Music & Design


Our next game is in development...

If you became homeless... what would you do?


The parallaxing post-apocalyptic puzzle platformer 


Press & Contact

Get in touch via the form below, or email us at

For screenshots, media and general press kit items, please see the relevant game page.

For key requests we will not issue keys to anyone who's email does not match that on their Youtube or Twitch or relevant streaming page exactly. We check for extra characters.


Thanks for sayiing hi! :D

© 2017 by Delve Interactive

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