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It's important, as game developers and so therefore also as influencers of wider culture, to take our responsibilities seriously. Many do not take this responsibility seriously and have mistreated gamers. We respect our players and so we have a public code of honour that we shall never stray from. You can always trust us.


  1. We shall always endeavour to not make a game that has already been developed or is similar to a game by someone else. Everything we make must be unique.

  2. We shall always respect the player's time on this earth, and so we shall not ask them for thousands of hours to spend in a single experience. 

  3. We shall never include additional purchases, microtransactions or other forms of revenue that are more beneficial to our wallets than our players. Everything we provide must have real value.

  4. We shall never include microtransactions or take payment for something that provides only temporary access to any form of content we provide, including never including things like boosts or season passes, with the exception of our games being available via platform subscription services such as Playstation Plus or Xbox Games pass. 

  5. We shall never entice our players through addictive or skinner box mechanics in order to convince them to give us more money after purchasing a game.

  6. We shall never include microtransactions or additional purchases for our games unless the content has actual value for our players, such as large pieces of content in the form of expansions and DLCs. 

  7. We shall never include microtransactions with loot box, gambling or other randomised elements.

  8. We shall never hold any prejudice for appliers or employees of Delve Interactive, all are welcome, all can feel safe with us. We shall always have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination.

  9. No player shall spend more than the regular asking price of an average full price game within any of our games after already purchasing it. 

  10. We shall never include microtransactions or in app purchases which can be bought multiple times. This encapsulates paid in game currency.

  11. We will not use any technology which does not have the explicit purpose of improving experiences for our players

  12. We shall never censor any of our games in order for it to be available in other territories or platforms.

  13. Our games must provide a meaningful experience, that is unique, and most importantly of all, our games must have heart.

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